18th birthday messages


18th Birthday Messages

Now the future is in your hands
Owner of your own destiny
Be brave and stretch out your dreams
Show the world how great you can be.

A wonderful life is waiting for you
A life full of happiness, success and potential
You truly deserve the best.
 Happy 18th Birthday

So that’s why on your birthday
 I want to make sure you know
I admire you sincerely and love you dearly
 And those feelings continue to grow.

You can only be 18 one time…
So make this only one time birthday
The absolute best day of your life.

How swift have flown To me thy girlish times
A woman grown beneath My heedless eyes
In vain I rack My fancy to believe
The almanac
That speaks thee eighteen.

For here you are today
All grown up and lovely too.
A warm and gentle person
So special through and through.

Only the best are waiting for you
Since you’ve made an adult breakthrough.

May the days that lie ahead
Be filled with gladness too
For there just couldn’t be anyone
Who deserves it more than you.

A golden era for your life starts from now on.
Happy 18th Birthday and keep your smile on.

 I’m very glad I know you
 I think of you each day
A very happy birthday
Wishing you wonderful day.

And all those childhood charms you had
Have grown with you each day
And made you much more special
Than words could ever say.