Funny 18th Birthday Wishes Messages and Words


Funny 18th Birthday Wishes Messages and Words

I wish you know that I will be right here for you From days when you are happy To the times when you are blue.

There is only one rule at the age of eighteen! There are no rules! Happy Birthday!

 Eighteen is the best reason ever to get a party started. The thing is that as years go by, the more you party, the more your back hearts. Happy Birthday!

For here you are today All grown up and lovely too. A warm and gentle person So special through and through.

You have been waiting for 18 years to be legal. Congratulations and welcome to the adult life.

From now on you have to watch out your every move. You’re at the age where your parents can legally stop giving you pocket money.

 I’m a day or so late, and a dollar or two short. But it’s never late to say….Happy Belated Birthday!

You are done being a kid. You are an adult now. Happy Birthday!

Congratulations! You’re finally legal.