Funny 18th Birthday Wishes


Funny 18th Birthday Wishes

You have been waiting for 18 years to be legal. Congratulations
and welcome to the adult life.

May you have so many Facebook Birthday wishes on your wall today that you look at some of them and wonder “Do I even know this person?”

Eighteen years of happiness have passed. You’ll miss it.

Don’t think of it as your 18th Birthday,
It’s really the 17th anniversary of your 1st Birthday.

As is my understanding of the procreative process I’m glad you were born 9 months after your parents held hands naked.

Happy birthday to my brother from an entirely unrelated genetic makeup.

You’re not 18. You’re 5 plus 6 plus 7.

Congratulations, you have made it through an eighteen percent of your life.

I’m not so good in greetings so I just say – Avoid nuts, you’re what you eat!
Happy 18th Birthday!

Compared to the age of five you are an adult,
but compared to the age of 20 you’re a little boy.

Happy 18th Birthday! Now you can legally do what you’ve
done since you were a baby.

Happy 18th journey around the sun Birthday to you!