Birthday Wishes for Friends – Messages Words And Quotes


Birthday Wishes for Friends – Messages Words And Quotes

Our friendship is made of gold and it will never rust, will stay precious until the world turns to dust. Happy Birthday and may your every wish come true!

How swift have flown to me thy girlish times, A woman grown beneath My heedless eyes! In vain I rack My fancy to believe; The almanac, That speaks thee eighteen.

A friend is someone who stands by you side, when you are in trouble and broken inside. A friend is someone who treats you with all the best and shines your day, when you are.

“Our birthdays are feathers in the broad wing of time.” – Jean Paul Richter

May this Birthday teach you that failure, depression, rejection, sorrow, hurt and pain are words that you should erase from the dictionary of your life.
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.

Have as much fun as you want, but not too much, because from now on you are old enough to be tried as an adult. I’m just kidding! Jump, laugh, shout and let it all out. Happy 18th Birthday!

Angels are few, and so are you. And that is what makes you so special. Many many Happy Returns of the day. Have an amazing day and an even more amazing year ahead.

Happy birthday to my brother from an entirely unrelated genetic makeup.

A good friend like you is something hard to find, especially in nowadays, but when you find that friend it’s like visiting heaven in a daily base. Happy Birthday my friend!

May the special day of yours be filled with loving memories full of fun and the company of good friends. Happy Birthday!

The word friend is just a sequence of letters for many people. For me it is the source of my strength, my happiness, my wealth, because of you. Thank you my friend and Happy Birthday to you!